Frequently Asked Questions

Your Doctor was most likely trained in western medicine and is probably treating your psoriasis as a disease in itself. However, we look at psoriasis as only a symptom, a symptom of imbalances beneath the surface.

Because of our approach, we are able to make connections that identify the true cause of your psoriasis.

Many Doctors forget that we are not human, we are in fact human-beings. We have feelings, beliefs, emotions and we can suffer from mental anguish too.  In other words, we are more than just a physical body. We have many layers and those layers are connected.

This is why our treatment works. We look to resolve those issues that are beneath the surface.

Our process works by resolving trapped emotions and healing past traumas.

In More Detail:
We work with each client on an as needed basis. We will delve into your past traumatic experiences and possibly reveal ones you had forgotten as well. We will work with you to release each one.

There needs to be 3-4 weeks between each session to see how your body is reacting and adjusting to having the emotional traumas released. We have had fantastic results even after just a single session, but your results may take longer. Obviously, we can’t guarantee our treatment will have any effect on your psoriasis condition or symptoms.

Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory skin disease characterized by the appearance of red, itchy, and scaly patches on the skin. It is generally understood to be a genetic condition that results from an overactive immune system, causing rapid skin cell turnover.

The premise of our treatment is based on this question: What if the immune system is overactive because it is constantly trying to protect the body from a perceived threat? And what if the “perceived threat” was actually a buried emotional trauma that has never been dealt with? Then resolving that trauma would remove the underlying reason for the immune system to be overactive.

Do you think you might have buried emotions? Schedule your free psoriasis consultation with us today to find out if our break through treatment is right for you.

It is very difficult to give a specific answer as everyone is different. Some of the determining factors are: how many past emotional traumas there are to clear and most importantly, how open you are to working to release and let go of those traumas.